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CertainTeed Insul-Safe Insulation

Adding insulation to your attic is the easiest way to keep your home comfortable year round and lower your utility bill. If you can see the 2x4 or 2x6 beams in your attic, your home needs additional insulation. "The average home in Austin has an existing insulation value of R-12" - Austin Energy

Conservation Specialists will provide a free energy analysis and estimate. Let us show you how to take avantage of Austin Energy and Texas Gas rebates that can cover 40%-60% of your costs.

Insulation Rebates

Austin Energy and Texas Gas offer matching rebates for upgrading your attic insulation to R-38. Rebate amounts are calculated as follows:

Austin Energy - Attic Sqft x R-Value Added x .0035 + $45  (Example - 1000sqft x R-26 x .0035 + $45 = $136)

Texas Gas - Attic Sqft x R-Value Added x .0035 + $45  (Example - 1000sqft x R-26 x .0035 + $45 = $136)

  • Must be Texas Gas I/S Res Customer to qualify
  • Must do Comprehensive Duct Sealing to qualify
  • Must do additional measures as outlined by Austin Energy's HPwES Program guidelines

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