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ECAD Audits $100

Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure (ECAD) Ordinance for Single-Family HomesEnter subhead content here

The ECAD ordinance, Austin City Code Chapter 6-7, requires that before the sale of their home, owners of a single family home must have an energy audit performed on the property. The seller must provide a copy of the energy audit to the buyer. The ECAD ordinance does not require homeowners to make energy efficiency improvements. Non-compliance is a Class C midemeanor.

What Our ECAD Audit Covers
  • Inspect and measure the attic insulation in several areas to get an overall existing R-value
  • Perform duct blaster test on duct system to get percentage of air leakage
  • Examine cooling and heating equipment
  • Inspect weather-stripping around exterior doors, plumbing penetrations, and air tightness of attic entries
  • Measure the amount of glass in windows that receive more than on hour of direct sunlight each day 

After the audit, we provide you a copy of the audit report and submit a copy to Austin Energy within 30 days.

What Our ECAD Audit Costs
Our ECAD Audit cost $100 for a single family home, 1,800sqft or smaller, with one air conditioning system. For larger homes, or homes with more than one air conditioning system, give us a call at 590-4188.

For additional HVAC systems, add $50

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